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How to use Remote Desktop Lite to access Windows PC in iPad and Android

Remote Desktop Lite is free remote access Windows PC software. To use it, please follow these steps.

1. Download and install Remote Desktop Lite.

2. Tap the RDP Lite icon to open it.
3. Tap Configure to setup remote PC name or IP address, port. Note: if you open the port, you may be able to Wake the remote PC up.

4. After login the widows PC, tap WERTY Keyboard to pop up the keyboard. Tap menu to macros, printing, disconnect and other features. The Return key is the same as keyboard return key. Zoom out key zooms the screen out. Screen lock stops the screen from the scrolling or zooming. Hide tool bar to hide the tool bar (The small icon stays in the right corner, as to make it easy to show the full bar again.

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