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iPad keeps dropping or losing wireless

Case 1: The client has Cisco 1200 Wireless Bridge and setup two wireless, public and Enterprise. The users keeps lose the enterprise wireless connection. We fixed this issue by enabling broadcast on Enterprise wireless. Please refer to this page for more details: iPad switches WPA-Enterprise to Public Wireless.

Case 2: After updating your iPad, it keeps losing the wireless connection. You may want to upgrade the wireless router firmware.

Case 3: The iPad keeps dropping the wireless and prompting for entering password. If you wireless is setup to use WEP, you may want to change to WPA or WPA2 wireless security.

Case 4: Try to renew IP address. Please refer to this page: How to renew IP address on iPad

Case 5: Try to setup statics IP address. Please refer to this page: How to configure static IP address in iPad

Case 6: Try re-sync to iTunes or enable recovery Mode. Please refer to this page: How to enable Recovery Mode in iPad

Case 7:  When setup WPA Enterprise Wireless, it Not Verify the Certificate or This root certificate is not trusted.

We found it is self-certificate. After removing the self-certificate (please refer to this page: How to remove a Server Certificate in IIS 7), The certificate is verified and it also fixes the wireless drop issue.


 Case 8: Try to turn on or turn off "Ask to Join Networks".

Case 9: If you have an older N-capable router, you might try NOT using the N radio if possible.

Case 10: Do software update.

Case 11:  Try to disabled “Wireless G only” Mode.

Case 12: Reset your router or cable modem/DSL

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