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How to select AF method in Canon Camera - Step by step with Screenshots

Canon Camera provides these AF methods: [u(face)+Tracking] - The camera detects and focuses human faces. If a face moves, the AF point also moves to track the face.
[FlexiZone - Multi] - You can use up to 31 AF points for wide-area focusing (automatic
selection). This wide area can also be divided into 9 zones for focusing
(zone selection).

[FlexiZone - Single] - The camera focuses with a single AF point. This is effective when you
want to focus a particular subject.

[Quick mode] - The dedicated AF sensor is used to focus in One-Shot AF mode, using the same AF method as with viewfinder shooting. Although you can focus the target subject quickly, the Live View image will be interrupted momentarily during the AF operation.
You can use nine AF points to focus (automatic selection). You can also select one AF point to focus and focus only the area covered by that AF point (manual selection).

To select the AF method,
1. Press Menu key.
2. Tap # 4 tab, select [AF method].
3. Select the desired AF method, then
press <Set>.
4. if the Live View image is displayed, you can also tap the <Q> button to select the AF method on the Quick Control screen

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