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How to select Autofocus Mode Button on Canon Camera- Step by step with Screenshots

To set the various autofocus modes, press the AF button on the top, and turn the top dial. You will have 3 options:
ONE SHOT: the AF system focuses once, then locks so you can recompose if needed.
Use this for shooting still subjects.

AI FOCUS: automatically selects between ONE SHOT and AI SERVO.
In AI FOCUS, the 6D looks at the subject, and if it holds still, locks focus as if it was set to ONE SHOT, and the subject is moving, tracks it, as if it was set to AI SERVO. Use AI FOCUS most of the time, since it automatically selects what it needs to do.

AI SERVO: the 6D continuously tracks the subject. The AF system is always focusing in and out as the subject moves around. Use AI SERVO for sports or action shots of anything that's moving.

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 Bob Lin Photography services

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