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How to select AF-Area Mode Button on anon Camera - Step by step with Screenshots

The AF-Area mode button, marked as [-|-], lets us select which of the 6D's 9 AF sensors are used, or set the 6D to use them all automatically. Here is how.

To select them, press the top right rear [-|-] button, and then make your selection with the Set button, or the top dial if you like. You can see the selection through the finder, or on the rear or top LCDs. Each works a little differently, but all make the same adjustments.

If you make a selection that lights all the sensors (or reads "[ ] AF" on the top or finder LCD) then the 6D will select what sensors to use all by itself, usually the ones with the closest part of the subject under them.

In general, select the center point if you are using ONE SHOT, and select all sensors for AI FOCUS. The center sensor is more sensitive than the others in dim light. If the other sensors aren't doing well in dim light, choose the center sensor and you'll be much happier.

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 Bob Lin Photography services

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