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How to setup Custom Function back button focus on canon - Step by step with Screenshots

Back button focus is often used by advanced photographers as it provides a means to have separate control of the autofocus and shutter release.

By default Canon EOS cameras use “front button focus”; the shutter release button activates the autofocus and exposure metering. The shutter button has two distinct switch levels, so-called “half press” and full press.

When using the camera for static subjects photographers need to select ONE-SHOT focus mode, and for moving subjects that need to be tracked then AI SERVO is used. Switching between ONE-SHOT and AI SERVO as action happens in front of your camera will slow you down. Back button focus eliminates the need for switching focus modes.

The ability to change which button controls the AF is a Custom Function (C.Fn). These customisations are only available when a camera is used in the P, Tv, Av, M, B or Custom Shooting Modes. Here is how to setup Custom Function back button focus.

1. On the Menu of Canon 6D, go to C.Fn Settings..

2.In C.Fn III: Operation/Others, press Set.

3. Switch to function 5 using dial.

4. Press Set to setup Shutter butt. half-press Metering and AF start.

5. Press Set again.

6. Use dial to highlight Metering start. Press Set to save the settings.

7. Now, Shutter butt. half-press is set to use Metering only and the AF-On Button is ready to use for the auto focus.

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 Bob Lin Photography services

Real Estate Photography services

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