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Xoom Wi-Fi Issues

Case 1: I have a Motorola Xoom with a Linksys wrt54gs router.  Every time i try to go to the market or browser from my Xoom I get connection issues and it want me to try again.   the browser only works about 10% of the time so its basically unusable. 

Resolution: Upgrade the router Firmware.

Case 2: My Xoom connecting to wireless is not stable.

Resolution: In WiFi Advanced settings, frequency band setting should be "Auto" or "5GHz only"

Case 3: The Xoom can't see the wireless.

Resolution: You should setup the router to broadcast its SSID.

Case 4: I have tried to setup Wi-Fi using WEP and WAP, but can't make it work.
 if your router is set in N-only mode

Resolution: if your router is set in N-only mode, you should set its security to open or WPA2-PSK because can not support WEP and WPA-PSK in N-mode.

Case 5: Intermittent Wifi connection problems with my Xoom.

Resolution: I turned off Bluetooth and and all connections on the Xoom, then rebooted the unit and only turned on the WiFi and connected without any issues whatsoever.

Case 6: A common problem for dropped connection on the WNDR3300 and other wifi routers is an incorrect setting on the preamble mode. Make sure Preamble mode is not set to short or auto, set it to "Long Preamble" on your AP. In my experience dealing with drivers on portable devices where power saving is involved you want to have long Preamble enabled. Basically means that their is a 144 bit vs 72 bit header in on every package. Which if a device is in power saving mode of some kind, gives radio more time to see a start of a packet then power up the packet decoder.

And disable "SHORT GI/Short Guard Interval" in your AP as well if its enabled.

Case 7: In some cases, Xoom wireless issues can be fixed by reset the phone.

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