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Wii Issues and How to

Wii error code: 110210, 110211, 110212, 110213
Wii error code 205926, 205927, 205928
Wii error code 320602, 32002
Wii error code 51300 - 51399, 209600, 209601
Wii Error Code: 51330
Wii error code 52200 - 52235, 32004
Wii error code 52240 -52245
General Wii Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Wii wireless issues
Wii error code 32007
Web sites allow you to watch videos in Wii.

Wii Error Code: 51330

Symptom: When attempting to setup wireless in Wii, you may receive Error Code: 51330. Unable to connect to the Internet.

Troubleshooting: 1. Make sure you enter correct wireless SSID.
2. Make sure you enter correct password.
3. make sure you have good connection or strong signal.

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