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Troubleshooting Android Errors and Issues - Resolution with screenshots

Android How to
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Android Phone WiFi grayed out
Can't access HTC Thunderbolt phone storage
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Exchange 2010 sp1 ActiveSync not working for HTC
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Fix force close loop in Android
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Google Map doesn't have sound when driving - Step by step with Screenshots
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One Laptop can't access HTC hotspot
PC can't see the HTC phone and card
Phone and Media Audio don't work when driving - Tips with Screenshots
Please insert a disk into drive D when connecting HTC to PC
Security settings is disabled by remote phone administrator
Screen Capture DDMS ADB Problem
Tab limit reached in Android - Step by step with Screenshots
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Troubleshooting Download Issues on Android Devices

Unfortunately Cloud Print has stopped on Android
VPN on Android phone doesn't work
XP Home netbook doesn't see the smartphone because of the cable
Watch movies in Android
Why can’t I synchronize my phone and PC using HTC Sync?

How to modify the Screen time out on ThunderBolt
1. Press MENU, and tap Settings.
2. Tap the Display.
3. Tap the Screen Timeout.
4. The Screen Timeout period.

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