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Android ActiveSync Issue on Exchange - Resolution with screenshots

Case 1: The HTC Thunderbolt can use ActiveSync to access one server running Exchange 2003, but not another Exchange server running 2010. It gets fail to create user account message. Please refer this page for more details: Android can't create user account

Case 2: After install Exchange 2010 SP1, some of our users can’t use ActiveSync. It could be "Allow Non Provisionable Devices" settings and some old smartphone may not work with Exchange 2010 SP1. You may want to enable it by following this how to: How to enable Allow non-provisionable devices on Exchange 2010

Case 3: After Exchange update, some users can’t access the Email. It could be Require device encryption: When you enable this policy, mailbox data synchronized and stored to a mobile device is encrypted.

Case 4: It could be MS Exchange policies that “Enforce password on device”.
Please follow this article to modify the password policy: How to enable Allow non-provisionable devices on Exchange 2010

Case 5: It could be the security settings in the Active Directory. Please refer to this page for more details: ActiveSync on Android Phone doesn't work because of Exchange permissions.

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