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Troubleshoot wireless connection on Android phone - Resolution with screenshots

Here are some tips how to troubleshoot wireless connection in your Android phone.

Disable and re-enable the wireless
1. Tap the Menu button on your handset.
2. Tap Settings.
3. Tap Wireless and Network.
4. In the Wireless and Network menu, tap the Wi-Fi to turn it off.
6. Then tap Wi-Fi to turn it back on.

Modify the Wi-Fi sleep policy
You may try to re-configure the Wi-Fi sleep policy.
1. In the Wireless & Networks screen, tap Wi-Fi settigns.
2. Tap menu and then Advanced.

3. Tap Wi-Fi sleep policy to modify the sleep policy.

Check Wi-Fi proxy or use static IP
In the wireless Advanced, you can also check the proxy settings ot use static IP.

Reset the phone
If above don't fix the problem, you may want to reset the phone by turning it off and then turn it on. Or take the battery out for 10 second.

Reset network password
If you use enterprise wireless on the Android phone and you just changed the network password, you may need to reset the password.

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