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VPN is not a supported feature
VPN on Android phone doesn't work

Case 1: upgrade to version 2.2 or above.

Case 2: Our compnay has a plocy to block teh mobile VPN.

Case 3: The woman I talked to, after leaving to talk to her supervisor, said I had to upgrade to unlimited business data account for $44.99/mo to get the VPNs unblocked,

Case 4: Most phones are setup with the IP set to NAT Restricted. You have to find a nice Verizon tech to switch your phone to General IP Unrestritcted. Until you do this you can't even VPN a PC tethered through the wireless hotspot. And it wil cause the phones VPN client to fail to connect too. I actually got the tech rep at my local store to change this option.

Case 5: In my case, it is VPN issue. When my phone gets can't connect to the VPN error, I tried my laptop and get the same problem. Please refer to this troubleshooting page.

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