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 How to use Lightroom Presence to adjust image light and color with examples

Under Lightroom Presence session, you have 3 options:

1. Clarity: Clarity mostly affects the transition between light and dark portions of the image (makes it less or more sudden, defined) and visibly alters the micro-contrast of the photograph. If changed extremely, it can also have a slight effect on the overall contrast of the image and shift the color somewhat. When set to a high setting it will make any shapes or forms more defined, starting with small, like skin imperfections, and ending with much bigger ones, like highlights in the background (the circles of bokeh). If you move the slider to the left it will, on the contrary, make the image less defined, give it an almost soft-focus effect, which fits portraits well. For landscape photography, it is often better to move the slider to the right to give a more defined look to textures and shapes. Don’t overdo it though, as it will make your images look too fake and over-detailed.

2. Vibrance: Vibrance increases the saturation of colors that are not already saturated. It also ignores skin tones, because you generally don't want to increase their saturation. This slider, if moved to the right, will make the colors more intense, but only where needed – it will not shift them or give a color cast to the image. If you move it to the left, the colors will be much less intense, but the photograph won’t go completely black & white.

3. Saturation: Saturation increases the saturation of all colors equally, whether the colors are saturated or not. Ii si recommend using this setting only if you want to desaturate your image for a B&W look. If you want your colors to pop, use the Vibrance setting, it will be a lot more flattering (neither should be pushed too hard, though).

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 Bob Lin Photography services

Real Estate Photography services


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